Getting to Myoko

Myoko is located in Niigata Prefecture on Japan’s main island of Japan. The resort is easily accessible from Narita & Haneda international airports by Shinkansen (bullet train) or bus.
Total train travel time from Tokyo is approximately 2.5 hours, and bus is 4.5 hours.

Directions by Train

1. Narita & Haneda to Tokyo

– After collecting luggage follow the signs (or ask a staff member) where to get the train.

– Purchase train tickets to Myoko-Kogen train station. This will include 3 trains:

  • a) Airport to Tokyo (express train).
  • b) Tokyo to Nagano (Shinkansen – bullet train: ask for a ‘reserved’ ticket).
  • c) Nagano to Myoko-Kogen (regular train).

– Catch the train from the airport to Tokyo.

– The trip takes approximately 30 minutes to 1 hour.

2. Tokyo to Nagano

– In Tokyo ask a staff member where to go for the ‘Nagano Shinkansen’. The Shinkansen station signs are colored green – so look out for these signs.

– The Nagano Shinkansen usually leaves from platforms 19 to 23.

– Your ‘carriage’, ‘car’ and ‘seat’ numbers will be listed on your ticket. Ask a station staff member for assistance if you’re not sure.

– There are luggage storage areas over-head and at the ends of each carriage.

– The trip takes about 1 hour & 30 minutes.

3. Nagano to Myoko-Kogen

– When you arrive in Nagano station take the escalators up and go through the gates to the ‘Local Train’ platforms.

– You can ask a station attendant which platform the train to Myoko-Kogen leaves from if you are not sure.

– There are no ‘reserved’ seats, so you may sit wherever you like.

– The trip takes about 45 minutes.

4. Myoko-Kogen Station to Akakura Village

– Myoko-Kogen train station is located about 10 minutes by car from the Akakura Village.

– Your accommodation may include a pick-up service from the station – please check with them prior to travelling.

– Otherwise you can catch a taxi immediately in front of the station. The taxi may not accept credit card, so please have some cash ready (approximately 2,000 yen).

Train Timetables

Train timetables for the whole of Japan are available in English at For travel to Myoko please enter ‘Myoko-Kogen’ in the ‘To’ field.

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Bus Transfers

Those wanting to travel without having to transit at train stations may prefer a direct bus transfer from Narita or Haneda airports to Myoko with Nagano Snow Shuttle –

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