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Myoko Kogen consists of 4 linked resorts. Myoko Snowsports is located in the Akakura Kanko / Onsen area, which is where most accommodation is. This area is linked to the other two, Ikenotaira and Suginohara, by shuttle bus along the base of the mountain. There are an additional 4 resort areas in the greater-Myoko area, Madarao/Tangram, Seki Onsen and Kurohime.

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One of the biggest attractions of Myoko for intermediate to expert level skiers and snowboarders is the number of different resorts available to visit in the local area. To experience Ikenotaira, Suginohara, Madarao/Tangram, Seki Onsen and Kurohime resorts you may like to consider a Multi Resort Program.

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Akakura Kanko / Onsen Trail Map

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Myoko Kogen Area Map

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Resort Statistics

Akakura Kanko / Onsen, Ikenotaira & Suginohara


Total Chairlifts


Avg. Snowfall (m)


Vertical Drop (m)


No. of Runs


Village Altitude (m)


No. of Terrain Parks


Beg. Terrain (%)


Int. Terrain (%)


Adv. Terrain (%)


Safety information

There is backcountry skiing accessible from a few points around the resorts. Avalanches and other safety hazards occur regularly, and getting lost or injured is an inherent possibility.
Before going backcountry you should have at least one person in your group with local area knowledge and a high level of backcountry experience & training. Each member of your group should also be properly equipped with transceiver, pack, shovel & probe, and have at least basic training in how to use them. A map, GPS, compass, food, water and spare clothing are also essential.
The team at Dancing Snow offer professional backcountry tours (hiking up above the lifts) and are highly recommended. Please see the Dancing Snow website for additional information and bookings.

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Tree-skiing & off-piste

Important information

Each resort area has their own rules about tree-skiing and off-piste. Some areas allow it, and some don’t.
Skiing off-piste underneath chairlifts and ducking ropes is strictly prohibited in all resort areas. There are also Closed Area signs to be aware of. Ski Patrol may confiscate lift passes of anyone not following the rules.
Please check with Ski Patrol at the resort areas or with our Myoko Snowsports shop staff for more information.

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Lift Ticket Prices

Available at Myoko Snowsports

Akakura Kanko & Onsen^

DAYSADULT (13 yrs+)SENIOR (60 yrs+)CHILD (7-12 yrs)CHILD (0-6 yrs)*

* Children not yet in primary school may receive a free Akakura Kanko/Onsen lift ticket, available for collection from a Resort Lift Ticket counter. It must be kept with the child at all times.
** 2016-2017 Lift Ticket prices listed.

Ikenotaira & Suginohara^

Ikenotaira¥3,000At resort

* An adult Suginohara lift ticket voucher is ¥3,000 for 4-hours. This can be upgraded to a full-day ticket at the resort for ¥600 cash.
^^ Children aged 0 to 11 years may receive a free lift pass for Suginohara, to be collected at the Resort’s Ticket counter.
** 2016-2017 Lift Ticket prices listed.

Info For You

Do you recommend to book lift tickets prior to arrival?

We recommend waiting to your arrival to confirm your lift ticket preferences.
There are a large variety of lift ticket options for the various resort areas. The suitability of each option can vary depending on your ability level, goals, weather and snow conditions. We recommend speaking with our staff team upon your arrival to confirm the most suitable options for you.
Lift tickets for the various resort areas range from ¥2,500 to ¥4,800 per day for an adult ticket.

Are the resort areas interlinked?

Akakura Kanko & Akakura Onsen resorts are interlinked, meaning you can ski between them easily. Ikenotaira and Suginohara are accessible via a shuttle bus that runs several times per day (¥500 per trip). The bus from Akakura to Ikenotaira takes approximately 15 minutes, and then another 20 minutes to Suginohara.
Seki Onsen, Madarao/Tangram and Kurohime are accessible via taxi.
Our Multi Resort Program is another way of visiting all the resort areas, and includes private transport each day to/from your accommodation.

Can we ski one area (E.g. Suginohara) in the morning, and another area in the afternoon (E.g. Akakura)?

You could in-theory do this, however we recommend to ski at one area for the whole day. For example if you would like to ski Suginohara we recommend going there in the morning, and skiing there all day until the afternoon. This is in order to maximize ski time, make best use of lift tickets, and there is plenty of terrain to explore in each resort to keep you entertained for the day.

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