Adult Super 4 Group Ski

The adult Super 4 Ski program is for beginner to expert level skiers looking to improve their skills in a small-group format (max 4) with other adults of a similar ability level. Book in for  4+ days for a step-by-step skill development program tailored to your individual goals by your expert instructor.

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First Time & Beginner Skiers

Levels 1 & 2
  • If it’s your first time skiing, or you’ve done just a little bit before, your Super 4 Ski program will have you cruising down the easy runs in no time.
  • Some of the world’s best ski learning terrain is located directly behind the Super 4 program meeting area so there is no better place to start.
  • Develop the basic balancing and turning skills to safely ski down the gentle beginner runs and build your confidence.
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Intermediate & Advanced Skiers

Levels 3 & 4
  • Hitting the ‘intermediate ceiling’?
    Want to have fun trying some powder and challenging slopes? You can discover the thrill of parallel technique – the gateway to advanced skiing.
  • Once you can ski parallel on groomed slopes try powder skiing on the gentle off-piste terrain.
  • Continue building your technique and confidence while starting to explore advanced skiing areas around the mountain.
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Expert & Pro Skiers

Level 5
  • For experienced skiers looking to develop their skills on Myoko’s more challenging terrain.
  • Be guided through the powder in the best tree-skiing areas, challenge yourself on the steeps and rip some carved turns on the groomers with expert coaching.
  • All Super 4 programs feature a maximum of 4 participants per group, meaning plenty of personal attention to reach your goals.


Included in all Super 4 ski programs.

Vert-Seperator-76px-H Adult (15+) Super 4 Ski - Group Lessons

Max 4 skiers per group for optimal learning dynamics.

First-time lessons to expert-level personal coaching.

Plenty of personal attention to develop your skills.

Enjoy meeting like-minded skiers of similar ability.

Build your skiing confidence over multiple days.

Receive the 4th Day Free on your multi-day program.

S4-Ski-Meet-Fullwb Adult (15+) Super 4 Ski - Group Lessons

Times & Prices

MorningAll Levels (L1- L5)9:45am10:00am12:30pm2.75 hrs
4¥35,700 (free)¥47,400 (free)¥50,400 (free)¥17,100
8¥71,400 (free)¥88,800 (free)¥94,800 (free)¥33,500
12¥107,100 (free)¥130,200 (free)¥139,200 (free)¥49,200

* 2016-2017 Lift Ticket prices listed.

Info For You

What time and where do I meet for my Super 4 Ski program?

All groups meet at 9:45am by the green flags at the on-snow meeting area at the base of the Champion #1 chairlift in Akakura Resort.

How are groups organised?

Our team of instructors will welcome you at the on-snow meeting area and ask about your general skiing ability level and goals for your program. They will then recommend the best group for you to join from Level 1 (first time) to Level 5 (expert) .

What will the program include each day?

Your instructor will check your goals each day and then tailor the program to help you achieve them, as well as general ski improvement and mountain exploration.
If you have any requests of things you would like to do please let your instructor know and they will be glad to incorporate them into the program.

Will I have the same instructor each day?

We try to offer as much consistency as possible in your program by you skiing with the same instructor each day. It is possible you may change instructor during your program due to our weekly roster change-over, or if you progress your technique at a different rate to others in the group.

Where is the Super 4 Programs run?

Super 4 Programs are run throughout the combined Akakura Kanko & Akakura Onsen resort areas.

Do I need a lift ticket and is one included in the cost of the program?

A valid Akakura Kanko/Onsen lift pass is required for all participants. Lift tickets are not automatically included in the program cost, but are available for discounted purchase from Myoko Snowsports as an add-on to your program.

Do you recommend group or private lessons?

Both group and private lessons can be great depending on your goals and budget.

Group programs are a great way to meet other skiers of a similar ability level during your program, and are also a lower price.

Private lessons are the best for quickest skill improvement and for meeting your personal goals, but are a higher price. Please see the Private Lessons page of our website for additional information.

Do your instructors speak English?

Yes. All our instructors speak either native or fluent English and all lessons are run in English. We have a large number of instructors from around the world, as well as from Japan.

If you are interested in lesson programs run in Japanese please let our reservations team know and they can recommend another local Japanese snowsports school to you.

Should I book in advance?

We recommend booking well-prior to your arrival to ensure availability, particularly from early January to mid-February. Please contact our team at if you have any questions.

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