Resort Orientation

For your first day on the slopes we invite intermediate to advanced skiers and snowboarders aged 13+ yrs to join our afternoon Resort Orientation. Your guide will show you around the Akakura Kanko & Onsen ski areas and give you info on where to ride, great spots for lunch, easiest return access to your hotel and local tips.


Included in resort orientation.

Vert-Seperator-76px-H Adult (13+) Resort Orientation

For intermediate and advanced skiers & snowboarders.

Discover the best terrain & resort areas to suit your ability.

Separate routes and programs for intermediate and advanced groups.

Maximum of 7 participants in each group.

Mixed skier & snowboarder groups according to general riding ability.

Insider knowledge from your resident guide.

RO-Prices-1200w-x-1140h-400w3 Adult (13+) Resort Orientation

Times & Prices

AfternoonIntermediate1:15pm1:30pm4pm2.75 hrs
AfternoonAdvanced1:15pm1:30pm4pm2.75 hrs
1 session¥7,000

Info For You

What time and where do I meet for Resort Orientation?

Resort Orientation meets at 1:15pm by the red #1 flag at the on-snow meeting area at the base of the Champion #1 chairlift in Akakura Resort.

What does Resort Orientation include?

There will be two groups: one for intermediate skiers/snowboarders, and one for advanced skiers/snowboarders. Each group will have their own guide, who will show you around the Akakura Kanko & Onsen resort areas. They will give you info on where is good to ski & snowboard according to your ability level, great spots for lunch, easiest return access to your hotel and other useful ‘insider’ knowledge to help make things easy and fun for getting around the resort.

Do I need a lift ticket and is one included in the cost?

A valid Akakura Kanko/Onsen lift pass is required for all participants. Lift tickets are not automatically included in the program cost, but are available for discounted purchase from Myoko Snowsports as an add-on to your program.

Can we book our family in for Resort Orientation all together?

You are welcome to book Resort Orientation for you and your children aged 13 yrs or older. If you have 3 or more family members interested, you could instead book an afternoon private lesson instructor, as this would be slightly cheaper and you would have a private session. Your private instructor could run the Resort Orientation program with you upon your request.

Can I book Resort Orientation for one ski participant and one snowboard participant to go together?

Yes you may so long as they are of similar general riding ability. Resort Orientation groups include a mix of skiers and snowboarders, with one group for intermediates and a separate group for advanced skiers/snowboarders.

Do your guides speak English?

Yes. All our guides & instructors speak either native or fluent English and all programs are run in English. We have a large number of instructors from around the world, as well as from Japan.

If you have a request for a private lesson in another language (French, German, Dutch, Swedish) please check with us for availability.

If you are interested in programs run in Japanese please let our reservations team know and they can recommend another local Japanese snowsports school to you.

Should I book in advance?

We recommend booking well-prior to your arrival to ensure availability, particularly from early January to mid-February. Please contact our team at if you have any questions.

RO-Info-900w-x-1146h-300w2 Adult (13+) Resort Orientation