Alpine Explorers Group Ski

Alpine Explorers is a full-day group ski program for 7-14 y/o children and will offer your child a professional and memorable skiing experience. Our specialist children’s instructors will ensure your child has fun and improves their skiing while safely exploring the mountain.


Available for Alpine Explorers.

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Specialist children’s instructors with each group.

Maximum 8 children per instructor.

Lunch at a choice of on-mountain restaurants.

1 rest day available for 5 day+ programs.

Child dietary requirements can be catered for.

Book 5 days and get the 5th day free.

Ability Levels

1First TimeLearning basics & snowplough turns.
2BeginnerLearning Christie turns (plough to parallel)
3IntermediateLearning full parallel turns.
4AdvancedDeveloping parallel on black terrain.
5ExpertExpert skiing on all black terrain.
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Times & Prices

Full Day9:45am10:00am~12:30pm~1:30pm4:00pm
5¥47,600 (free)¥57,900 (free)¥15,000¥21,200
10¥95,200 (free)¥111,900 (free)¥29,400¥41,700

* 2016-2017 Lift Ticket prices listed.

Info For You

What time and where does Alpine Explorers meet?

Alpine Explorers meet at 9:45am by the red flags at the on-snow meeting area at the base of the Champion #1 chairlift in Akakura Resort.

What will the program include each day?

Your child’s instructor will check their ability and goals with them and with you. They will then match each day’s program to give them the the best possible experience, together with the other children in the group. If you have any special requests please let you child’s instructor know and they will be glad to accommodate. Supervised lunch is included each day at one of the restaurants in the Akakura Kanko Resort.

Will my child have the same instructor each day?

We try to offer as much consistency as possible by keeping the same instructor with the same group each day. It is possible occasional changes may occur due to our weekly roster change-over, or if your child progresses at rate different to the rest of the group.

Where does the Alpine Explorers program run?

Alpine Explorers is run throughout the combined Akakura Kanko & Akakura Onsen resort areas.

Does my child need a lift ticket and is one included in the cost of the lessons?

A valid Akakura Kanko/Onsen lift pass is required for all participants. Lift tickets are not automatically included in the lesson cost, but are available for discounted purchase from Myoko Snowsports as an add-on to the program.

How are groups organised?

Our team of instructors will welcome children at the on-snow meeting area and check their general skiing ability level and goals. They will then join children into the most appropriate group to join from Level 1 (first time) to Level 5 (expert). Alpine Explorers features a maximum of 8 children per instructor.

My children are slightly different levels, but can they be together in the same group?

For the best experience we recommend all children going into the appropriate level group, even if this means being apart from their friends or siblings, however if two children would like to stay together in the same group may do so. In this case they will be placed into a group of the ability level of the lower child. The stronger level child may find the group a little slow, but their instructor will give them more challenging things to try to continue having fun and improving.

Can my 6 year old child go in Alpine Explorers?

For the best learning experience 6 year old children should generally go in the 3-6 year old Mini Mountaineers program. If your child is close to 7 years old and is fairly tall for their age they may be able to join Alpine Explorers upon request. The reason for the age group separations is that older children have more muscle and cognitive development, and skiing speed is different to younger children.

Do you offer a half-day Alpine Explorers program?

Alpine Explorers is offered full-day only. The reason for this is the full-day allows the group to stay out on the mountain for the whole day and have lunch at one of the on-mountain restaurants, without wasting time returning to the meeting area. It also means children in groups progress at a similar rate to each other. If you would like time to ski together with your child you can fit a few runs in from 8:30am to 9:45am. If you are skiing for 7 days you could book your child into Alpine Explorers for 5 or 6 days and then ski together on your final 1 or 2 days.

Can my child have a rest-day during their program?

Program bookings of 5 days or more may include one rest day of your choosing if you would like. Please let your child’s instructor know the afternoon prior to your rest day so they know not to expect them the following morning.

My child has allergies/dietary requirements, can these be catered for at lunch?

Yes almost all dietary requirements can be catered for. Please advise your child’s instructor of the details at the morning 9:45am meeting time.

My child has an Epi-Pen, what should I do?

Please advise our reservations team when making your booking. Please also meet your child’s instructor at 9:45am on the meeting area and provide any relevant information to them. Epi-Pens should be placed in a zipped-pocket on your child for the duration of the program.

Do you recommend group or private lessons?

Both group and private lessons can be great depending on your goals and budget.

Private lessons are the best for quickest skill improvement and for meeting personal goals, but are a higher price.

Group programs are a great way to meet other skiers of a similar ability level during the program, and are a lower price.

Do your instructors speak English?

Yes. All our instructors speak either native or fluent English and all lessons are run in English. We have a large number of instructors from around the world, as well as from Japan.

If you have a request for a private lesson in another language (French, German, Dutch, Swedish) please check with us for availability.

If you are interested in lesson programs run in Japanese please let our reservations team know and they can recommend another local Japanese snowsports school to you.

Should I book in advance?

We recommend booking well-prior to your arrival to ensure availability, particularly from early January to mid-February. Please contact our team at if you have any questions.

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