Adult Equipment

Want to make learning basic turns easier, hold an edge carving or get some fat skis for your powder adventures? Our experienced rental team will identify the best equipment for you from our extensive range of skis and snowboards.
Skies, snowboards, helmets, jackets, pants & gumboots are available for rental. Gloves, goggles, beanies, thermals and neck warmers are available for retail purchase.


Always included at Myoko Snowsports.

Vert-Seperator-76px-H Adult (15+) Equipment

Complimentary pick-up from your accommodation for equipment fitting.

Equipment pick-up available on the afternoon of your arrival.

One complimentary swap of equipment of similar type during your stay.

Expert advice on the most suitable equipment, and best fitting boots.

Complimentary overnight Valet service for skis, poles & snowboards.

2 shop locations: one in the central village and one ski in/out at the lifts.

Regular Skis

Great for on-piste skiing for beginner to strong-intermediates.
Elan-Explore-4-415w Adult (15+) Equipment

Elan Explore 4

Elan-eFlex6 Adult (15+) Equipment

Elan eFlex 6

Elan-Zest-415w Adult (15+) Equipment

Elan Zest

Hart-Circuit Adult (15+) Equipment

Hart Circuit

Powder & Performance Skis

For lower-advanced to to expert skiers.

Men's / Unisex Skis

K2-Pinnacle-85mm-2017-2018-415w-x-33h Adult (15+) Equipment

K2 Pinnacle 85mm

(156cm, 163cm, 170cm, 177cm)

K2-Pinnacle-88mm-2017-2018-415w-x-33h Adult (15+) Equipment

K2 Pinnacle 88mm

(170cm, 177cm, 184cm)

K2-Pinnacle-95mm-2017-2018-415w-x-33h Adult (15+) Equipment

K2 Pinnacle 95mm

(170cm, 177cm, 184cm, 191cm)

K2-Pinnacle-105mm-2017-2018-415w-x-33h Adult (15+) Equipment

K2 Pinnacle 105mm

(170cm, 177cm, 184cm)

K2-Charger Adult (15+) Equipment

K2 Charger 74mm


K2-Aftershock Adult (15+) Equipment

K2 Aftershock 86mm

(167cm, 174cm, 181cm)

K2-Wayback-88 Adult (15+) Equipment

K2 Wayback 88mm

(160cm, 167cm, 174cm, 181cm)

K2-Wayback-96 Adult (15+) Equipment

K2 Wayback 96mm

(170cm, 177cm, 184cm)

K2-Wayback-104mm-2017-2018-415w-x-33h Adult (15+) Equipment

K2 Wayback 104mm

(170cm, 177cm, 184cm)

Women's / Unisex Skis

K2-ThrilLUVit-85mm-2017-2018-415w-x-33h Adult (15+) Equipment

K2 ThrilLUVit 85mm

(149cm, 156cm, 163cm, 170cm)

K2-AlLUVit-88mm-2017-2018-415w-x-33h Adult (15+) Equipment

K2 Alluvit 88mm

(156cm, 163cm, 170cm)

K2-FulLUVit-95mm-2017-2018-415w-x-33h Adult (15+) Equipment

K2 Fulluvit 95mm

(156cm, 163cm, 170cm)

K2-Luv-Boat-105mm-2017-2018-415w-x-33h Adult (15+) Equipment

K2 Luv Boat 105mm

(163cm, 170cm)

Line-Soulmate-86mm-2017-2018-415w-x-38h Adult (15+) Equipment

Line Soulmate 86mm

(151cm, 158cm, 165cm)

Line-Soulmate-92mm-2017-2018-415w-x-38h Adult (15+) Equipment

Line Soulmate 92mm

(151cm, 158cm, 165cm)

K2-Talkback-82-415w Adult (15+) Equipment

K2 Talkback 82mm


K2-Talkback-88 Adult (15+) Equipment

K2 Talkback 88mm

(153cm, 160cm)

K2-Talkback-96mm-2017-2018-415w-x-33h Adult (15+) Equipment

K2 Talkback 96mm


K2-Luv-Sick-80ti-2017-2018-415w-x-33h Adult (15+) Equipment

K2 Luv Sick 80ti


Twin Tip Skis

For all mountain freestyle and park.
Line-Sir-Frances-Bacon-104-415w Adult (15+) Equipment

Line Sir Frances Bacon 104mm


Line-Sir-Francis-Bacon-Shorty-2017-2018-415w-x-42h Adult (15+) Equipment

Line Sir Frances Bacon Shorty 107mm

(145cm, 155cm, 165cm)

Line-Blend-Twin-Tip-2017-2018-415w-x-33h Adult (15+) Equipment

Line Blend 100mm

(171cm, 178cm)

K2-Kung-Fujas Adult (15+) Equipment

K2 Kung Fujas 102mm


Line-Tigersnake-88mm-2015-2016-415w-x-33h Adult (15+) Equipment

Line Tigersnake 88mm

(157cm, 164cm, 171cm, 178cm)

K2-Sight-85mm-2015-2016-415w-x-33h Adult (15+) Equipment

K2 Sight 85mm

(149cm, 159cm, 169cm, 179cm)

Super-Fat Powder Skis

For the ultimate powder skiing experience.
K2-Powabunga-136-415w Adult (15+) Equipment

K2 Powabunga 136mm


Line-Magnum-Opus-2017-2018-415w-x-36h Adult (15+) Equipment

Line Magnum Opus 124mm


K2-Pinnacle-118 Adult (15+) Equipment

K2 Pinnacle 118mm

(177cm, 184cm, 191cm)

K2-Remedy-112 Adult (15+) Equipment

K2 Remedy 112mm


Regular Snowboards

For beginner to strong-intermediate riders.
Burton-LTR Adult (15+) Equipment

Burton LTR

Burton-LTR-Wide Adult (15+) Equipment

Burton LTR Wide

Burton-Cruzer Adult (15+) Equipment

Burton Cruzer

Burton-Progression-415w Adult (15+) Equipment

Burton Progression

Powder & Performance Snowboards

For lower-advanced to expert riders.

Jones Snowboards

Jones-Ultra-Mountain-Twin-2017-2018-415w-x190h Adult (15+) Equipment

Jones Ultra Mountain Twin
(all mountain, 154, 157)

Jones-Twin-Sister-2017-2018-415w-x-190h Adult (15+) Equipment

Jones Twin Sister
(all mountain, 139, 152)

K2 Snowboards

K2-87-415w Adult (15+) Equipment

K2 Eighty Seven
(all mountain, 150, 155, 160)

K2-Happy-Hour-2017-2018-415w-x-190h Adult (15+) Equipment

K2 Happy Hour
(all mountain, 154, 157)

K2-WWW-415w Adult (15+) Equipment

(all mountain/freestyle, 152, 155w)

K2-Fastplant-2016-415w Adult (15+) Equipment

K2 Fastplant
(all mountain/freestyle, 154, 157)

K2-Raygun-2015 Adult (15+) Equipment

K2 Raygun
(all mountain, 153, 156)

K2-Zeppelin-2009-415w-x-200h Adult (15+) Equipment

K2 Zeppelin
(all mountain, 156)

Ride Snowboards

Ride-Womens-Baretta-2015 Adult (15+) Equipment

Ride Baretta (women’s)
(all mountain, 142, 145, 151)

Ride-Raptue-2016-415w-x-160h Adult (15+) Equipment

Ride Rapture (women’s)
(all mountain, 143, 147, 151)

Ride-Compact Adult (15+) Equipment

Ride Compact (women’s)
(all mountain / freestyle, 147)

Ride-Saturday-2017-2018-415w-x-160h Adult (15+) Equipment

Ride Saturday (women’s)
(all mountain / free-ride, 142, 146, 150)

Ride-Berzerker-415w Adult (15+) Equipment

Ride Berzerker
(all mountain, 164, 167w, 168w)

Ride-Wild-Life-2016-150w-x-160h Adult (15+) Equipment

Ride Wild Life
(all mountain, 155, 158, 161)

Ride-Manic-2015-1 Adult (15+) Equipment

Ride Manic
(all mountain, 154w, 157w, 164w)

Ride-Machette-415w Adult (15+) Equipment

Ride Machette
(all mountain / freestyle, 149, 157, 161w, 163w, 164w)

Ride-Burnout-2017-2018-415w-x-160h Adult (15+) Equipment

Ride Burnout
(all mountain/freestyle, 155, 157w, 158, 160, 161w)

Ride-DH-2.4 Adult (15+) Equipment

Ride DH 2.4
(all mountain/freestyle, 153)

Fish & Swallow Powder Boards

For the ultimate powder riding experience.
Jones-Hovercraft-2017-2018-415w-x-190h Adult (15+) Equipment

Jones Hovercraft


Jones-Mind-Expander-2017-2018-415w-x-190h Adult (15+) Equipment

Jones Mind Expander


Moss-Snowstick-62SW Adult (15+) Equipment

MOSS Snowstick^


Kyneee-Japow-415w-1 Adult (15+) Equipment

Kyneee Japow

(151 & 156)


DAYS*REGULAR SKIS/SB & BOOTSwith Super 4 (L1 - L3)^^PERFORMANCE SKIS/SB & BOOTS^with Super 4 (L4 - L5)^^
4¥13,600¥47,400 (free)¥17,600¥50,400 (free)
8¥21,200¥88,800 (free)¥29,200¥94,800 (free)
12¥28,800¥130,200 (free)¥40,800¥139,200 (free)

* Prices are for consecutive days equipment rental.
^ The MOSS Snowstick is an additional ¥1,000 /day on top of Performance prices.
^^ Please see our Adult Super 4 Ski and Super 4 Snowboard pages for group lesson information.

Info For You

What time and where do I collect my equipment?

Equipment is available for fitting and collection from our Village Shop in Akakura Onsen village. Please see our Contact Us page for our address and a Village Map with our location.
Our Village Shop is open daily from 8am to 6pm.
You are welcome to pick up your equipment on the afternoon of your arrival from 2pm to 5:30pm (no additional charge).

Can you pick me up from my accommodation to come to your shop for equipment collection?

Yes. We would be glad to pick you up from your Myoko accommodation and bring you to & from our Village Shop for your equipment fitting. This service must be arranged prior to your arrival. Our reservations team will confirm a pick-up time/date with you at the time you make your reservation.

Can you pick me up to return my equipment, or can you collect my equipment from my accommodation?

Please return your equipment in-person at either our Champion Shop (located at the base of the Champion #1 chairlift in Akakura) or at our Village Shop (in Akakura Onsen village). Unfortunately we cannot collect you or your equipment from your accommodation when returning.

How does your valet service work?

We are glad to offer a complimentary overnight valet service for skis, poles and snowboards rented from us.
– When you rent your equipment we will check with you whether you would like to valet your skis/poles/snowboard overnight at either of our shops. Depending on which accommodation you are staying at, and your ability level, this will make things easier for you in the morning.
– You will then take boots, helmets, jackets, pants & gum boots back to your accommodation overnight. Your accommodation will have a boot room, meaning warmer boots the next day.
– In the morning you can walk to either of our shops in your snowboard boots or regular walking shoes (we recommend not to walk far in ski boots for comfort).
– If walking in regular shoes and carrying your ski boots you can then get changed into your ski boots at our shop. We can store your regular shoes during the day, or we also have lockers available.
– Your skies & poles or snowboard will be waiting for you with your name on.
– At the end of the day pop your skis/snowboard back on the rack, change back into your walking shoes, and walk back to your lodge carry your boots. This makes things much easier.
– Any children participating in Mini Mountaineers ski lessons (3-6 y/o) will have complimentary use of a locker (so their ski boots can be left with us overnight).
– For some accommodations it is easier to ski back there rather than use the Valet Service. Our team can advise you which will be easier.
– On your last day please return your equipment in-person inside one of our two shops.

Can I have a rest day during my equipment rental period and not pay for that day?

Our equipment pricing includes discounts for consecutive-day rental from the 4th day onward. It is therefore better to simply rent for the entire of your stay and take advantage of this pricing, even if you have a rest day and don’t use your equipment one day.

Do you have large size ski / snowboard boots?

Yes we have large sizes available.
Ski Boots
We stock up to size 34(cm):
UK / Australia = ~14.5
US / Canada= ~16.0
Europe = ~50.0

Snowboard Boots
We stock up to size 33(cm):
UK / Australia = ~14.0
US / Canada= ~15.5
Europe = ~49.0

Can I swap equipment during my stay and is there a fee?

You are welcome to make one complimentary swap of equipment (same category) during your stay at no charge. E.g.
– From one set of powder skis to another set of powder skis.
– From skis to snowboard (and back again).
Any additional swaps will incur a ¥1,000 service fee.

Can I upgrade from regular equipment to powder / performance equipment?

Yes you are welcome to upgrade from regular to powder / performance equipment for ¥1,000 per day. If you upgrade and then make additional swaps of different powder / performance equipment on following days the additional ¥1,000 service fee applies.

Is your equipment waxed and tuned?

Yes. We have expert equipment technicians and our equipment is kept in excellent condition. Skis & snowboards are waxed after every rental period, and are checked for any tuning requirements.

Should I bring my own equipment / boots or rent?

If you have your own well-fitting boots we recommend you bring them. Many guests find it more convenient to rent skis / snowboards instead of bringing their own. We have a comprehensive range of equipment selected for individual skiing / snowboarding styles, and to suit local snow conditions.

Do your shop staff speak English?

Yes. Our team are from many countries around the world including Japan, and our services are primarily offered in English.

Should I book in advance?

We recommend booking well-prior to your arrival to ensure availability, particularly from early January to mid-February. Please contact our team at if you have any questions.

How do cancellations, early returns & refunds work?

Cancellations & Refunds
– Cancellations made after arrival in Myoko must be made either in person or by calling +81 (0)255-87-3580 between 8:15am and 5:30pm (Japan time).
– Cancellations made 30 to 3 days prior, and/or when payment of the booking has already been made to Myoko Snowsports, will incur a 10% cancellation fee.
– Cancellations made 2 days prior, or 1 day prior by 12:00 noon, will incur a 50% fee.
– Cancellations made after 12:00 noon 1 day prior, on the day of the reservation and `No Shows’ will incur a 100% cancellation fee.
– Cancellations made at any time due to illness or injury will be eligible to receive a 90% refund for the remaining term, upon presentation of a medical certificate from a local practitioner.

EQA-Info-900wx1146h-300w2 Adult (15+) Equipment